It is a well known fact that moving rates among the most stressful tasks that we face in our day to day lives. After all the boxes are move and the previous house is scrubbed to perfection, it feels like all the hard work is over. That is, until your pooch starts barking at everything and marking in undesirable spots in your new home.

Dogs are not immune to the stress of moving. Often after picking up on their owner's anxiety, they are unsure of their new territory and how to relax in their new space.

Here are 5 ways to help your pooch familiarize with their new domain:


We often find our daily schedules askew after moving as we are still tripping over boxes while trying to keep working. Make it a point to keep your dog's feeding, walking and rest break schedule the same. Dogs find comfort in routine as it helps them feel like they know what to expect. This simple gesture will help keep your dog in the same day to day routine.


It is so tempting to go out and buy cute new dog dishes, a new clean bed and a different crate to suit the new house. Resist the temptation for at least the first few months. Bring all of your dog's favourite items to the new house and locate them in relatively the same spot as they were in your previous home. Familiar smells and feelings will help your pooch settle in all the more quickly.


If you've ever had a stressful or angry moment in front of your dog, you may have noticed that they tend to run and hide under a bed. Pets are extremely perceptive with emotions. In the first few weeks of the move, do your best to avoid stressful situations. Make the time to unwind. Crack a bottle of wine or veg with Netflix. Seeing you relax in your new home is beneficial for not only your dog but for yourself as well.


Potty mistakes are bound to happen in the first little while after moving. This is natural and is in no case a reason to punish your dog. If you catch them in the act, simply leash them and guide them to where you prefer them to go.  Make sure if you are busy with unpacking that you take the time to provide them with plenty of breaks to relive themselves.


Barking is bound to happen. When a dog is familiarizing with the boundaries of their new territory, they are likely to bark at anyone and everyone who steps foot on their 'land'. Correct the behaviour in a firm verbal manner and remove the dog from the sightline of the window. Eventually the your dog will get to know common faces and it won't be such an issue. This will happen, so expect it and try not to get too upset.



After you give them a chance to run the house and get their fill of sniffing, give them a big juicy treat. When I recently moved, I bought a special bone filled with marrow for my puppy to sink her teeth into.  Take them to their cozy familiar bed and lay them down with their treat. This is almost guaranteed to give you a couple solid hours of peace.

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